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Alex detectors company for gold and metals detectors is Pleased to provide customers with a latest digital Technology of the field of underground gold , metals and water detection
Now it is easy to reach greater depths, to gain accuracy in detecting gold, precious metals , water in the ground
Through our hard studies , researches for obtaining the best gold, metals and water detectors of the groundWe offer you the most elegant advanced products that easy to deal with . they support advanced screens and show sophisticated impressive results
Our products can discriminate targets precisely, they can defining shape , targets depth in the ground
The company's administration is highly proud to be represented of a special technical staff in Egypt, to provide services and communicate with you all times
Also we provide an advice, practical services and scientific consultation that make a dream come true
Alex technology in the field of gold, nugget, metals , minerals and water detectors of underground and artesian wells is latest in the world
Our product can detect gold, ore gold, Gold trove and various kinds of minerals , metals which are discovered in the ground
The metals detectors can discriminate gold with high accuracy, can distinction among raw gold. gold trove , grains of gold and gold veins
Our product can discriminate clearly through the filtering system of the signal which is issued from the ground
It demonstrate the gold size , mass image depth by Cm
We also have the acquisition of modern technology with long range locating system which can scan and define the metal cavities in the ground
Our products can detect large tracts and access to great depths in a very short time and define places with precision metals , also they detect electromagnetic devices that analyze minerals , metals , then characterize them and show unique depth of them
You can own different kinds of metals detectors ,Gold detector , gold ore detector , cavities detectors and water detector from our company. gold detectors , metals detectors , cavities detector , water detectors , precious metal detectors , electromagnetic detectors , radar system detectors , ultrasound detectors , technical system GPR detectors and frequency induction system detectors are all available in our company , we have all types of detectors to explore minerals in the ground
Welcome to our co. Alex detectors is your best choice . Alex co. Team for gold , metals and water detectors


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Company Alex export and import metal detectors . Detector water

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